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Soor fuel marketing company launches new brand for its carwash stations, which is related to ALFA fuel stations (SPLASH). ALFA fuel stations dominate ten carwash stations: Salmiya Blajat- Abu Halifa- Mubarikiya Bayan- Rawdha- Rabiya- Shaab- Mansouriya- South Surra- Ardhiya and Egaila. In Sep/2014, there will be an opening for two carwash stations: West Sabahiya and Shuwaikh (Oil warehouse).

The Soor fuel marketing company participates in (The orphan's day), which is a charity ceremony that comes one of the activities towards the society and being responsible for such events. In 24/04/2014, the Maidan clinic organized that particular event, and the slogan was (together we make the smile). Soor fuel marketing company was the official sponsor and supporter for that special event towards the orphans in Kuwait. The ceremony took place in the social welfare house, especially in the family care division. The main aim for that event is to draw the smile on orphan's face. The attendees exceeded 400 people; in addition many artists and inspirational characters were invited as well. The ceremony had many things to present for the children and the audience such as: distributing gifts and contest's giveaways.

Soor fuel marketing company is willing to co-operate with many companies and institutions, which have effective role in the Kuwaitie society. It's obliged to renew the contract between the ministry of interior and the company. The contract remains for 3 years constantly.

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