About Soor

SOOR Fuel Marketing Company(S.A.K) was established in 2005, with fixed capital of 30,000,000 Kuwaiti Dinars, SOOR was declared finally incorporated in March,2006.Soor was listed at the Kuwait Stock Exchange on 30th June 2008.

The main objectives of the company are ownership, construction, operation and maintenance of fuel supplying stations in addition to the construction, development, operation and maintenance of customers’ service centers at these stations. The company has the right to offer at these stations all the services available for cars and equipments including changing oil, car wash, maintenance workshops services, repair, technical inspection for the vehicles and central markets services. in addition to Convenience Store.

Following its incorporation and the constituent general assembly where it was declared finally established, The company acquired from Kuwaiti National Petroleum Company a set of /40 stations to 42 stations, and started operating the said petrol stations by May, 2006. A plan was set for rehabilitating the stations at periodical stage.

The company’s aim of its strategic plan is:

  • Restructuring the petrol stations in its entirety, in order to meet the international evolution of such investment.

  • Upraising the station’s capabilities, and develop them electronically by connecting them to the principal office.

  • Providing automated paying feature for all kinds of smart cards to be used within all petrol stations.

  • Exploiting the widest possible area of the stations’ lands in the investment field, within the limits authorized by the state.

  • Work on increasing and expanding the company’s activity by establishing new petrol stations.

  • Provide our customers with preferred products and services, to be the first of kind, in return for acceptable prices.

  • Work on increasing the loyalty of customers towards the company, in order to become their first choice.

  • Increase shareholders’ profits.

The company’s Market share 32 % to 35 % SOOR is aiming to increase its market share after having renovated the petrol stations and adding products and services. 


The company currently enjoys the existence of some distinguished group of its shareholders, whom are deemed to be amongst the best and most experienced businessman with a long and successful experience, as well as a highly qualified executive administration, which contributes in conducting a clear strategy to promote the company’s interests and investments and currently working to employ the best qualifications in order to meet its purposes.