Environment & Society

It is the policy of SOOR Fuel Marketing Company to ensure that all its activities are conducted With full commitment for safegaurding the environment

SOOR will strive for pollution prevention, continual improvement in environmental protection, and performance monitoring through a comprehensive Environment Management System and operational excellence. SOOR undertakes to comply with corporate guidelines, Kuwait Enviroment Public Authority regulations, and other related environmental legislation.

To achieve this Policy, SOOR undertakes to:

  • Conduct risk assessment on environmental aspects
  • Strive to use the most environmental-friendly control mechanisms, procedures, and processes.
  • Train employees for continual improvements in environmental aspects.
  • Focus on primary environmental concerns: spill control, waste management, water discharges, and emissions to air.
  • Measure environmental performance through self-monitoring and conducting periodic environmental audits.
  • Review the Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System and maintain it in fulfillment of all requirements of ISO 45001.