Soor Cards

Soor Fuel marketing offers this card to facilitate payment methods value to fuel you are buying from affiliated fuel stations, which is chararcterized by the procedures required by the client for each card, these are as follows:-

Customer Information:

SOOR provides the possibility of typing the name of the customer on the card as well as the name and logo of the company that so desires, be it a private or a government entity.

Card Usage Control Procedures:

  • Stating the type of products desired to be purchased.
  • Stating the quantity of fuel in liters required per day.
  • Stating the value in Kuwaiti Dinars per each fuel provision process.
  • Stating the days of the week on which the cards could be used.
  • Stating the stations where the card could be used.

Viewing Card Related Information:

  • Customers can visit the SOOR website in order to get any information related to their card.
  • Customers can contact the customer service centre on 1841010 for any inquiries or updates.
  • Customers can also familiarize themselves with SOOR fuel stations spread across Kuwait and the services offered therein.

(ALFA) Fuel Provision Cards:

SOOR Fuel Marketing Co. presents fuel provision cards as follows:

  • Prepaid Alfa Cards ( KD 20, KD 30, KD 50, KD 70 & KD 100)
  • On Credit Alfa Cards – Alfa Plus ( KD15, KD 20, KD 30, KD 50, KD 70 & KD 100).

Card Usage and Protection Guidelines:

  • Avoid exposing the card to extreme temperatures, water or dust.
  • Avoid using the card outside the scope of SOOR Fuel Stations.
  • Avoid twisting the card or playing with the slice fixed in the card.
  • In case of any damage caused to the card, please call the customer service centre on 1841010 or hand over the card in person to the Customer Service Department, Mirqab- block3- Omar ben Alkhatab st- KBT TOWER.
  • In case the card is lost, please call the customer service department immediately on 1841010 to inactivate the card. The customer will be responsible for any transactions made after the loss of the card.
  • Kindly review properly each invoice after making the transaction.
  • Please do not forget to collect your card after making the transaction.
  • For any further information, kindly call the Customer Service Department on 1841010.