Message of Deputy Chairman

I would like to welcome you in our website, hoping that you will enjoy and benefit from your visit to SOOR world.

We have mainly emphasized on bringing out a simple, close, and easy to access website rich of information that you need about our company.

To give you a brief about our company, we start by saying that we deals with everything related to fuel supplying stations starting from the engineer structure and infrastructure, going through maintenance and operation of fuel stations, up to the general rehabilitation of fuel stations. Our company succeeded in managing wide operations after the acquisition of 42 petrol stations from Kuwait National Petroleum Company in 2006. Since then, we have started a rehabilitation, modernization, and development process for the stations, with the purpose of reaching the highest and distinguished quality standards, and providing greatest safety standards whether locally or internationally.

Quality and integrity are the two core values that we build our work and strategic vision on, and we will go any length to preserve that professional concept. Our products and services are of the highest standard, whether locally or regionally. 

As we aim to provide our fuel stations with latest technologies, we introduced some of the most modern technologies including the electronic connectivity between stations and company’s main office, the automated payment facilities, in addition to other convenient products and services.

While business development is indeed our core focus, we always interact with issues that are of greater concern to the world like the environment. Being in the energy business, we feel a greater sense of responsibility towards the environment because we believe that no work will succeed without having the environment protection issue at its tops priorities, that’s why we have established an environmental systems administration in order to comply with the guidelines and instructions of Kuwait’s Environment Public Authority and the other similar authorities.

This was a brief presentation of our business. You can get more information in greater details by visiting the different links of the website. Enjoy a pleasant and useful tour, and thank you.

Mr. Talal Ahmad Al-Khars